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The Polaris Yoga (Anglais)

The Polaris Yoga (Anglais)

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  • The Methods and Breathings which follow, are taken from two major books:
    La Trinosophie de l'Etoile Polaire (The Polar Star "Trinosophy") and Les Visiteurs des Millénaires (The Visitors coming from the Thousand Years) written by François Brousse, and published by La Licorne Ailée (The Winged Unicorn), in 1984 and 1982.


    The attention of the reader is drawn to the fundamental character of these exercises, which were the first to be revealed publicly. However, the same way his teaching was not static or constrained by inflexible rituals, François BROUSSE continued to refine existing and create new spiritual exercises over the course of his life. In preparation is a next publication that will explore the general effects of his Methods.

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