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The Millenar Visitors - The Count of Saint-Germain (Numérique)

Edition en format numérique.

[...] In historical times, I used to be the Germain, bishop

of Capoue, wh ose soul was seen by saint Benoit rising up

to the Sun, the marvellous centre of beatitudes. Later, I was

the confessor Saint-Germain, whose coming, prophesised by

Luc Gauric, caused Catherine di Medicis’ death.


In the XVIII century, as an immortal alchemist, I

made gold, made pearls become bigger, purified diamonds,

healed disease, and unveiled the future of the world. In the

XIX century, I founded, with Kout-Houmi and Morya, the

granite-made building, the Theosophical Society where the

essential mysteries of the universe were studied. Her

founder, the surprising Helena Petrovna Blavatsky came

from the initiating sanctuaries of Asia. She was our beloved

disciple on earth, our fulgurating messenger.

The Millenar Visitors - The Count of Saint-Germain (Numérique)

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